Disclaimer and Privacystatement


1. Introduction

This Privacy Statement concerns the processing of personal data of the visitors of the website www.nieuwbergen.com of SDK Vastgoed bv. We, SDK Vastgoed bv, respect the privacy of the visitors of our website and handle your personal data carefully. In addition we adhere to the existing laws and regulations with respect to the privacy.

SDK Vastgoed bv is part of Koninklijke VolkerWessels N.V.
In this Privacy Statement we inform you about the way we process your personal data. We ask you to read this Privacy Statement carefully. Because you visit our website, leave your active personal data behind and/or use our services, means that you have read our Privacy Statement, accept them and permit us to use your personal data.

2. For what purpose are the data processed and what personal data are processed?

We process your personal data when you require information about our houses or construction projects and when you have signed up for our newsletter.

These data are always aligned with the specified purpose, that means that we do not collect more data than we need to realize the intended purpose

To enable us to process your request for information; Send a newsletter or to maintain direct contact with you through email or telephone; Offer a personal environment (account) to manage your registration or subscription; Maintain direct contact with the project representative through chat, email and/or telephone.

Depending on one or more of the above mentioned objectives the following personal data are processed: Gender; name (initials, first name, middle name, family name); address (street, house number, house number addition, postal code); residence; telephone number; email address; housing preference; subscription newsletter.

Automatic systems can be used to provide you with the information you required as relevant and appropriate as possible.

3. How are the personal data collected?

Those personal data of the visitors are obtained among others as follows: By the use of the website as well as the placed cookies; By the disclosure of personal data by you.

4. Cookies

The following types of cookies are used:

Permanent cookies
With a permanent cookie we can recognize you at a next visit to our website. Therefore the website can be aligned with your preferences. Also when you have given your permission to place cookies we can remember that by means of a cookie. As a result you don‘t have to repeat your preferences as well as save time and have a more pleasant use of our website. You can delete permanent cookies through the settings of your browser.

Session cookies
With the help of a session cookie we can see what parts of the website you have been looking at on this visit. Therefore we can adept our service as much as possible to the surfing behaviour of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your webbrowser.

Google Analytics
Through our website a cookie is placed of the American company Google, as part of the “Analytics”-service. We use this service to keep and receive reports about how visitors use the website to improve and optimize our website. Google can provide this information to third parties if Google has a statutory duty to do so, or only if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. This is outside our control. The information that Google collects, will be made as anonymous as possible.

Pixel tags
Our website can use “pixel tags” (small graphic files, also known as “tracking pixels” or “web beacons”) or other means of data collection to guard the use of the website. These tools make it possible to collect technical and statistic data about the use of the website. Technical and statistic data are the IP-address, visiting times, user- agent strings, browser type, monitor sizes, etc. The use of these tools is based on a standard technology that is being used by most of the companies. Pixel tags may also possibly placed by external service providers to take care of advertisements for us through the internet. These service providers can collect anonymous information (other than the IP-address of your computer) about the visit to our website.

Buttons social media
At the website buttons have been admitted to be able to promote pages or parts on social media channels, such as; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. These buttons are pieces of a code of the social media itself and use a cookie. This cookie remembers you being logged in, so you don‘t have to log in again when you want to share something. To see what they do with the personal data that they obtain with this code, we advise you to read the privacy statements of the relevant social media channels (that can change on a regular base).

For newsletters the use of tracking pixels is possible. With a tracking pixel can be seen if an email is opened. The data from the tracking pixel are used by us to optimize our website and our newsletters

5. How are the personal data secured?

We take the protection of the personal data of the visitors of our website serious and therefore take appropriate organizational and technical measures such as: apply where ever possible an encryption, by using passwords and by giving personnel limited access to those data and including a provision for confidentiality in their contracts. In case of a data leakage we will report this to the supervising authority. If the situation requires, we report this to you too.

6. What rights have the visitors and how can they exercise these?

Based on the General Data Protection Regulation visitors have different rights with respect to their personal data to guarantee their privacy. For example you can:

Require and see the personal data that are processed; Have the personal data improved or deleted;
Require to limit the processing of personal data; Object to the processing of the personal data; Require a copy of the personal data and under conditions have this copy transferred to a third party; Withdraw the permission that you gave before to process your data; Object to the (automated) processing of your personal data.

If you want to use one of the previous rights, you can inform us by sending an email message to privacy@sdkvastgoed.nl.

If you use your rights, we can ask you to identify yourself. With that we can check your data and protect them against unauthorized persons. The request to exercise one or more of the above rights can be handed in in writing to SDK Vastgoed bv, reachable through privacy@sdkvastgoed.nl. To make sure that the request has been done by you, we ask you to send a copy of your identity document with the request. To protect your privacy we ask you to blacken your passport photo and citizen service number in this copy.

We process your request as fast as possible, however, depending on the nature of the request, we will first make a balance of interests and evaluate if we can and may fulfil the request. After that we will send you a suitable reaction.

If you did not receive an answer to your request in time or if the request has been rejected, you can object with the Privacy Taskforce of VolkerWessels (privacytaskforce@volkerwessels.com). Besides that you also have the right to object with the personal data authority (www.autoriteitpersonal data.nl) or to start a trial at the court.

7. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Your personal data are provided to the provider (and/or other selected partners e.g. brokers, mortgage lenders, etc as mentioned on the website) if you subscribe for a project or sign up for a service.

The personal data, that are provided by you, will never be transferred to third parties, unless a court order has been

issued to provide data. With third parties, who process personal data on our behalf, we conclude a processors agreement to ensure an adequate level of security and confidentiality of the personal data of our visitors.

8. Retention period

We do not save your personal data longer than necessary or longer than legally required. The moment you indicate that we should remove your data out of our system, we will do that immediately to the full extent of the law.

9. Links to websites of third parties

Our website possibly contains references and/or hyperlinks to one or more websites of third parties. Under no circumstances we are liable for the way these third parties deal with the privacy laws. We advise you to consult the Privacy Statement of the websites of these third parties to get informed about the ways these third parties deal with your personal data.

10. Modifications

We reserve the right to unilaterally adjust these Privacy Statements. Changes will be published on our website, consult our website regularly so you are always informed about possible changes. This Privacy Statement is updated on the 9 november 2020.

11. Contact/questions

The operating company takes your privacy serious. If you have questions, please don‘t hesitate to contact us. Contact information operating company privacy@sdkvastgoed.nl.


Despite the great care and attention paid to the management of this

website, it is possible that the website contains incorrect and/or incomplete information.

No rights can be derived from the content. No part of this website may be reproduced or copied, in any way whatsoever, without written permission from SDK Vastgoed.

SDK Vastgoed and all parties involved shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions that occur in this website, nor for any consequential damage resulting from the use, presentation, making available or temporary unavailability of this website or the links to the websites of third parties.